How do I create a descriptor wallet?

Using Bitcoin Core from today (almost 0.21):

I ran ./configure. It said with sqlite = yes. ldd $(which bitcoind) shows it is linked to

Now, I started a signet node using bitcoind -signet. It has synced.

Now I want to create a descriptor wallet. So I tried looking in the man bitcoin-wallet, but it doesn’t mention it.

I tried bitcoin-cli help and it lists:

createwallet "wallet_name" ( disable_private_keys blank "passphrase" avoid_reuse descriptors load_on_startup )

I tried:

$ bitcoin-cli -signet createwallet default_wallet -descriptors 
error: Error parsing JSON: -descriptors
$ bitcoin-cli -signet -descriptors createwallet default_wallet
Error parsing command line arguments: Invalid parameter -descriptors

How do I create a descriptor wallet?