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The followers we send are of the highest possible quality because they are real people connected to our network. Our delivery speed can be almost instant, or you can decide if delivery should be gradual. Your Instagram account is completely secure. The followers and likes you receive come from real people who are connected to our network. Other sites offer followers, which are actually only bot accounts created by automated software. The followers we deliver are accounts created by real people. Instagram can not ban accounts for the purchase of followers. Otherwise, anyone could buy followers for their competitors to close them. That's 100% safe.

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Are the pendants real?
Yes! The following accounts are created by real people. They only follow you when you buy a package from us. The followers are neither targeted nor interested. You will like, display, and track your content because it will give you a portion of the profits we make with this service.

Where do the followers come from?
From around the world. We're currently working on creating targeting options, but they're not finished yet. At the moment you receive all kinds of supporters from all over the world.

What is my guarantee?
Since we have the account network that follows you, we can guarantee the delivery of the followers you have purchased. If you do not receive your followers, you will receive a full refund.

Will these reports follow me again?
This is rare because we only send accounts created by real people. To protect yourself from Instagram fixes, we've automatically added refills to your purchase.