How do I get folder sharing working between Ubuntu 20.04 server and my Windows PC’s?

I have a Server in my closet running Ubuntu 20.04 on the boot drive and has a hardware Raid 1 array set up on 2 6TB HDD’s. I want to be able to share the entire 6TB array to all my Windows PC’s so I can browse it and keep my library of movies and TV shows on it.

(I had this working already when I had Windows on the server but I’m currently trying to get Steamcache working so I need Ubuntu, but that’s a whole other nightmare.)

I have the raid array formatted in NTFS. I have already right clicked on the drive in Ubuntu and shared it, including checking the guest access box. However, when trying to access it by mapping it in Windows 10 and entering the login info for the server, I get an error saying I do not have permission.

How can I get this working properly? Thank you