How do I remove a stuck movie from a Praktica Nova I?

I recently used a Praktica Nova I for the first time, made all 36 pictures and found that I did load the movie wrong, As you can see on the manual screenshots, you should see the movie in the up reel (22). Instead, I inserted the movie in the Transportkettenrad (21).

Praktica Nova I front and top

Praktica Nova I back and below colored parts

When I tried to unload the film, I have could not rewind it with the rewind button (3). I also tried to help manually in the dark room, which was not successful. It feels like the movie is wound the Transportkettenrad (21). I can not move it in any direction.

If I look at the manual, I wonder if that will be unscrewed carrying piece (23) allows me to do the Transportkettenrad (21) with the movie?!

I want to try to save the movie from destruction. The last option is to open the camera in daylight and cut the film Transportkettenrad (21).