How do I set a specific page of my website as a homepage?

Hello everybody, how are you?

I recently posted a thread here discussing (asking) how to merge my custom coded HTML website and a WordPress blog into the same domain. Some have recommended using me subdomain Method and some suggested to use subdirectory Method.

At some point I thought about working with the subdirectory method where I put all my files HTML, CSS, JS Files in the public_html folder on my hosting server, which includes the WordPress Files.

My problem is that whenever someone puts my domain name in his address bar (, he ends up on the land WordPress Blog right away, but I want them to land on my custom page, currently anyone who wants to go to my custom page who needs to enter them "".

I want them to land on a custom page when typing " and land on my blog when typing ""

How do I set my custom page as the start page?
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custom page = my custom encoded HTML page.