How do I stop Windows from messing with the layout of my applications when I turn my monitor on?

So here’s a video of what happens: I have one monitor connected via displayport, and another via hdmi. If I turn off the DP monitor (as seen in the video), or let it go to standby mode, when it turns back on again, the OS (Windows) will move every application window to the DP screen (which is also set as the primary monitor, if that makes any difference).

This is infuriating, some applications (i.e. games) don’t respond well to this and might change resolution or crash entirely, and I have to move each one back one by one. I also can’t simply use WindowsKey + Shift + Arrow to move the window as the two monitors are different resolutions, and the windows don’t reappear where they were before, so I still have to drag them using the mouse anyway.

I just want it to stop, and turning off monitor standby or leaving the monitor on all the time is not a solution (I’d rather not waste electricity and risk monitor burn-in).

Thank you 🙂