How do you compare arrays of multiple columns in PostgreSQL?

I have two tables in a PostgreSQL / PostGIS database I need to find / create a join by smashing all the names in the first table with all the names in the second table

I’ve been fiddling here but got stuck

This is only dummy data

t1 has two name columns and a name rank with each feature has 1 or more rows with a unique fid (Feature id ) this table has unreliable geometry so I can’t use it for a spatial join

t2 is similar but each feature has 1 row with all the alternate names within a jsonb column

ARRAY 1 would be

select id, array_agg(array(name_1,name_2)) AS names1
from t1
group by id,fid;

I’m struggling with the second array from t2 pulling the name_1 & name_2 from the alt_names jsonb column then aggregating with the two name_1 & name_2 columns

Once I have the two arrays I then need to compare them something like

SELECT array(1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3) @> array(1, 2, 3) AS RESULT
SELECT array(names1) @> array(names2) AS RESULT

I’m hoping this makes sense and someone can help

The goal is to create a joined table something like

id,t1_name_1,t1_name_2,t1_fid,min_name_rank,t2_id,all_alt_names as jsonb