How is Apple legally allowed to run x86 compiled binaries on their M1 processors, when Intel and AMD have exlusive rights to the instruction set?

I’m no legal expert, but I was under the impression that Intel and AMD had exlusive rights to produce CPUs capable of natively executing x86 binaries. So even if Apple wanted to make a traditional x86 CPU, they would not be allowed without signing some deal with AMD or Intel (or perhaps both).

Yet clearly, Apple is now selling hardware that is capable of running these binaries using their software translation layer. From one perspective, it is fully within Apple’s rights to sell an ARM processor, and allow the user to emulate x86 on it. From another perspective, Apple is selling a product packaged with an x86 emulator tightly integrated with the operating system and hardware, essentially circumventing the intent of the IP law.

Is Apple facing any legal challenges from AMD or Intel that their IP, the ability to sell hardware capable of executing x86 binaries, is being infringed upon?