How is each HTML table row displayed "as it is created" rather than "whole table at once"?


We've created a spreadsheet that shows many rows of results (one row for each server, and there are about 200 servers).

The problem is, that Nothing is displayed until the ENTIRE table is finished … and then everything suddenly appears in the browser. This takes about 2 minutes (there are many queries, etc.) and many users are upset because they think nothing is wrong and they are impatient.

How can we make each line appear as soon as it is created … even though not ALL rows in the table are completed?

For example…

– PHP gets data for the first line.
– After the first line is done, display it in the browser.
– Get data for the second row now.
– After the second line is finished, display it in the browser.
– Repeat … each line is displayed in the browser when the process is complete.

I hope that makes sense?