How is the vaccine roll out in your country?

Up here in Canada we have vaccinated a grand total of 171,751 people as of Jan.6 a.m. 2021. This is out of a population of 36,000,000. To date we have begun to vaccinate seniors in long term care homes, and natives on native reserves.
The plan is to hit these groups first as they are the most impacted. After that we are going to get to our health care providers, then the over 80 crowd. Following these we are going to go in 5 year increments, that is to say 75-79 then 70-74, then 65-69, after that we hit the general population.

Canada is vowing to have everyone who wants the Covid-19 vaccine vaccinated by June. So far the Pfifer and the Moderna vaccine are being used. We expect the Astra-Zeneca vaccine to be approved this week, with the Johnsons & Johnsons vaccine approved next month.

So how is the vaccine roll out progressing where you are? Israel is now leading the world with 17% of it’s population immunized, quite impressive.