How is this Possible? – "instruction 9223372036854775807"

I get an error referring to "instruction 9223372036854775807" as follows.

I run the following code


comp3 = Compile[{{x, _Integer}, {y, _Integer}},

   Flatten[Outer[If[True, {#1, #2}, {0, 0}] &, {0., 0.}, {0., 0.}], 1],
   {0., 0.}], 

  RuntimeAttributes -> {Listable}]

and I get the expected CompiledFunction output with no errors.

Then I run the code comp3[Range[2], {3, 1}]. The output is {{}, {}} and I get the following error.

error 1

  1. I understand the error in general and why it was cast. My question is specifically about "instruction 9223372036854775807". This exceeds the sum total of all instructions from all computers. What’s going on here?

On the other hand, if I delete {x, _Integer}, {y, _Integer} and leave the first argument to Compile as {}, then run comp3[], I get the output {} with the following error.

error 2

  1. The minor change causes an error that refers to the more modest "instruction 53". What accounts for the difference? Why did such a minor change cause a drastic shift in the instruction number being referenced?