How many powerpoint slides would make a 4-5 minute video clip?

70 slides, divided by 60 minutes in an hour = 1.16 slides per minute. interesting.

I wonder how we could figure out the number of slides for five minutes now that we know how many slides per minute.

my math might get a little shaky here, so you might want to do this again just to verify (use that professional calculator tool that came with your computer.

1.16 slides per minute x 5 minutes = 5.83 slides

so, another tricky math concept called ’rounding up’ says that since 8 is bigger than 5, we go ahead and move it to the next decimal place

6.0 slides are needed to make a 5 minute presentation, at the same rate that a 70-slide presentation would last an hour.

Another way of figuring this out is this:

60 minutes ÷ 5 minutes = 12 five-minute blocks in every hour

70 slides in an hour ÷ 12 blocks of five minutes = 5.83 slides per 5 minute block

5.83 rounds up to 6.0 slides you’d need.

I hope this math helps, I’m glad I went to college so I could help you with this one.