How MySql Join two tables with Checkboxes results stored as “string” data format?

Suppose I have 2 tables obtained from a web form submission, with some checkboxes results stored as “string” format as describerd here in “hobby” column,

How could I join this two tables and obtain the following result?

sub_id datimkt
1 Basket,Gas,SUV
2 Basket,Cabrio,Football,hybrid

I’ve tried to execute the following query, but it only takes the first result from the checkbox result field.

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT submission_id)sub_id,
GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT c1.option_name)datimkt
FROM form_results d
JOIN field_options c1 ON FIND_IN_SET(c1.option_value, d.datimkt)
GROUP BY d.datimkt;
SELECT*FROM result2;