How should I answer the following ‘income and expenditure’ question on the UK standard visitor visa application?

I am a Pakistani citizen living in Denmark, who will be travelling to the UK on the 26th of September to help my daughter settle in for university. I will be returning to Denmark on the 29th of September. My husband, who is a Danish citizen owns a restaurant and I work as the chef helper there, and earn a total of 5000 dkk per month, which gets transferred to my husbands’ account since we both share our income to pay the household bills, food, leisure activities, etc (he obviously earns more than me). So basically, I am quite unsure as to how I should be answering the following Income and Expenditure question on the application:

  1. What is the total amount of money you spend each month?

I earn approx 5000 per month. However, I do use my husband’s private master card to buy food, pay the rent, electricity bill etc. Is the question asking me, as to how much I spend off of ‘my’ money each month or is it asking me to quote the general amount of money we spend as on ourselves as a family (we also have three kids who don’t work and are completely dependent on my husband’s mastercard to pay for their expenses). Or should I only quote 5000 kr since that is the amount I get paid each month?

Sorry if I sound confusing, I am in fact very confused.