How to add more fields when programmaticaly create a node

I want to add company details in a node from an external database. How to add more fields for the data in my table?
There are ID|post_title|post_content|Adress and many more. I set the database connection and be able to add one data in the body
$node->body(LANGUAGE_NONE)(0)(‘value’) = $row->post_title;

  // Set the external database as the active one.
  // Retrieve data from the external database.
  $result = db_query('SELECT * FROM wirdfit.wirdfit_data');
  // Set the active database to the default one.

  foreach ($result as $row) {
    $node->type = "page";
    $node->title = $row->id;

    // node_object_prepare($node);  // Set some default values.
    $node->body(LANGUAGE_NONE)(0)('value') = $row->post_title;
    $node->body(LANGUAGE_NONE)(0)('summary') = text_summary($row->post_title);
    $node->body(LANGUAGE_NONE)(0)('format') = 'full_html';

Whats the best way to add all the data from the db table into the node

Can anybody help?