How to block mime_types by https with Squid?

I have this rule to block extensions:

acl bl_ext url_regex -i "/path_to/bl_ext.txt"
http_access deny workdays bl_ext

Example content file “bl_ext.txt”:

#etc, etc, etc

And this rule to block mime_type:

acl bl_mt rep_mime_type -i "/path_to/bl_mt.txt"
http_reply_access deny bl_mt

Example content file “bl_mimetype.txt”:

# etc, etc, etc

But these rules only work with http. Not with https.

Additionally I tried with these rules that I found on the internet and neither:

acl video rep_header Content-Type video/.*
acl audio rep_header Content-Type audio/.*
http_reply_access deny video
http_reply_access deny audio

I know that https traffic is encrypted and cannot be seen, however I ask:

Is there any way to block file mime_type or file extensions in Squid in proxy-cache mode (Not transparent – intercept) coming over https (without using SSL Bumping)?