How to coax 8-sec shutter on aperture prio film cam?

Camera: Yashica Electro 35 cc

Hi guys!

Multiple records about my camera model indicate that it has a shutter speed range of 1/250 to 8sec.

However, I recently tried to photograph an orange streelit frontage using the biggest f stop (f1.8). It ended up quite underexposed, with only the streetlight bulb showing in the negative. I thought the camera would automatically use a long exposure. The ASA tab was set to 400.

My thought is, maybe I should crank the ASA to the lowest value of 25. Will I get the 8 seconds?

More background info:
According to records online, the camera will use a 1/30 shutter at the nearest f that the under-exposure indicator lamp comes off. If a shot is taken with the under-exposure indicator remaining, then the camera will then a tripod must be used as the camera will “select the appropriate shutterspeed”.