How to connect to a local SQL Server instance by IP Address in SQL Server Management Studio?

I’m writing some test code that is required to connect to a local SQL Server instance (SQL Server 2017 – Developer Edition) by IP address. I have the SQL Server instance up and running on my machine, but can’t figure out the correct IP + Port to use for my connection string’s Server property.

As a starting point, I’m trying to at least manually connect to my server instance with SQL Server Management Studio (via the IP address) but I can’t seem to figure it out.

  1. How do I find the IP Address and Port of my local SQL Server instance?
  2. What is the correct format I should be inputting the IP Address and Port into the Server Name field of SSMS (and is it the same format as a connection string Server property)?

I’ve tried locating the IP address executing the following SQL code on it:

   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('net_transport') AS net_transport,
   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('protocol_type') AS protocol_type,
   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('auth_scheme') AS auth_scheme,
   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('local_net_address') AS local_net_address,
   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('local_tcp_port') AS local_tcp_port,
   CONNECTIONPROPERTY('client_net_address') AS client_net_address 

But the local_net_address and local_tcp_port fields are NULL and the client_net_address is set to <local machine>:
SQL Server Connection Property

I’ve also tried going into the SQL Server Configuration Manager, under the SQL Server Network Configuration section, and enabling TCP/IP. Then I tried using a mix of the IP4 and IP6 addresses with Port 1433 (which is blank by default in the TCP/IP Properties, but I’ve tried leaving it blank and setting it to 1433) and that didn’t work.

SQL Server Configuration Manager - SQL Server Network Configuration
(I made sure to restart the SQL Server service and SQL Server Browser service every time I made changes in here.)

I’ve received the following errors when trying to connect via SSMS for the different combinations of the IP4 address with and without Port specified:

No Port Specified:

IP4 No Port

Port Specified w/ Colon:

IP4 With Port via Colon

Port Specified w/ Comma:
Port Specified via Comma

I’ve also tried connecting via with the same combinations of Port 1433 above to no avail. (I receive similar errors except for the following combinations.) w/o Port:

Localhost IP No Port w/ Port via comma:

Localhost IP with Port via comma