How to create Help Desk System

Hello everybody! I am building an online store and I need help. I have a user database system on my site.

I want to create a support system with tickets. Like this .

I copied this script and upload to local server ( I use XAMPP ). Everything is working, but…
I cannot connect this script to my site…

I will be cool if somebody can help.
Here’s an example of how this should work :

Client Side :
– The person opens the support page.
– A person has to fill in only 2 inputs (Subject and Message).
– Presses a button to submit a ticket.
– After sending. The person will see table with ticket details (Ticket id, Created in(date/time), Sender(username) ,Subject, Ticket status).
– The Ticket Status will have 3 statuses (waiting for an answer, answer received, subject closed).

It would be cool if there was an opportunity to see the message with click on Ticket id.

This concludes the client’s side.

Admin Side :
– I Enter to dashboard and click tickets list.
– I see a list in the form of a table (Created in(date/time), Sender(username), Subject, (View button))
– By clicking on the button to view, I have to see message.
– In the same window / page. I can reply to the ticket and change the status of the ticket.

After sending my response, the client can see it on his table with tickets.

If you need me to send any data, please ask. I just don’t know what exactly is needed.

Thanks everyone!