How to create OAuth client ID for new ASW ec2 instance under http?

I installed ASW ec2 instance
with Selected Ubuntu 20, Free tier eligible
and I got instance with root like

Code (markup):

I have installed laravel 8/vuejs app and my app using OAuth client ID
For my local server (Ubuntu 18 on my laptop) I created client key with url

Code (markup):

But I failed to make the similar for my ASW ec2 instance :
1) If there is a way to create OAuth client ID for AWS http url,like I have by default?
2) If no, please point how can I move my app under https ?
Is this function accessible for Free tier eligible instance ?

3) Actually I created this Free tier eligible instance for practice and later I will get from client
other ASW ec2 instance, but I would like how can I do it. Please link to related services in AWS console, docs…