how to detect if the current spfx webpart has the classic properties pane opened

I am trying to set one of the webpart properties from the property pane dynamically via JS.

The ways mentioned in many articles works well for modern pages. If I set the property directly the SPFX will take care, parse the prop and save it after we are done. once refreshed the page, the property is still there, so good so far. below the links as reference:

  1. SharePoint Framework: How/where to save web part property pane values?


But the same did not work well for classic pages because the property then needs to be opened for that, and then save needs to be clicked.

If in the case I open the property pane, then it works when I click OK in the classic webpart properties pane.

For me it is ok to the client to be required to open the property pane first. But is there a way to detect if it there from the webpart without having to go to the dom and check the window for the classic property pane?