How to determine the maximum memory card size that an Olympus E500 is compatible with?

I have an E500 with some 1 GB XD cards. It also takes CompactFlash. I can’t find any information about what the max limit on card size is.

I have checked the manual:

I also looked through the entire review here:

That review does mention using a 4GB card at one point, but nothing says that this is a maximum.

Now, on an Olympus website it says the following:

What size CompactFlash cards can the EVOLT E-500 accept, and does it support the benefits of Write Acceleration cards?

The EVOLT E-500 accepts CompactFlash cards up to 8 GB in capacity
and supports Write Acceleration CompactFlash cards. When the camera
polls the card at power up, if it detects Write Acceleration
technology, it enables its own Write Acceleration firmware.

This initially sounded authoritative… but web searches turn up claims of people using much larger cards, maybe even up to 128 GB (!?)

  • I have used a 16gb card in mine, no problems

  • Any Cf over 8 gig will work however the camere will not recognize the extra storage room. In other words with a 128gig card you will
    only get the same numbers of photos as you would get with an 8 gig cf

  • With a 16 gig card the camera will only estimate space for the same number of photos on the card.. it will however continue to save shots
    even after the counter nears zero.

Is there any way to determine this with good confidence? I realize it is an older camera and it sounds like it wasn’t designed for modern card sizes (no surprise) but nonetheless they may work.