How to drive more traffic to your website

Here is how to get traffic to your website utilizing these 3 paid digital marketing and website traffic tools.


Number 1 of the top 5 digital marketing tools to drive traffic to a website is SEMrush. It is a monthly service-based website that allows you to take a look at your competition in order to see what is working for them and what’s not. It’s a business tool designed to help you increase your site visits by using integrated analysis and intelligence software. It takes all of your competitor’s information, analyzes it and leads you down the path of developing a successful and prosperous advertising plan. SEMrush allows you to mainstream your marketing efforts by providing numerous different features.

One of the best things about SEMrush is that they offer different packages depending on your business’ needs. You can start with a free 14-day trial if you’re unsure whether or not it will be right for you, but it is recommended that you login and utilize this tool everyday in order to monitor your site. Prices start $99.95/month for a basic subscription.


Email marketing remains a popular way to engage your audience, and when done properly, is a great way to increase website traffic. You’ve got a lot of competition when it comes to email inboxes, but one great way to help your brand stand out is by using a program like MailerLite.

MailerLite is a great email marketing platform that allows brands to easily put together really beautiful looking emails that people will actually want to open and look at. Their drag and drop builder makes it possible for any brand to create engaging emails- no coding knowledge or graphic designer required.

We also love this tool because it has some great automation opportunities and easily integrates with all the top web platforms and services like Shopify, WordPress, OptinMonster, SquareSpace, and more.

Schedule some email campaigns highlighting new products, new content, or new giveaways (just to name a few). Make use of their A/B testing feature to test out various subject lines, CTAs, images, and more to figure out what inspires your audience to click.


Video marketing remains highly popular and is a great way to inspire a lot of website traffic. In fact, research shows that marketers who rely on video get on average 41% more traffic from search than those who don’t do any video marketing. We can all agree video is great, but it also happens to be some of the hardest content to produce.

Instead of hiring a team of people to create your video content, rely on a tool like Filmora and create videos yourself! Their video editing software is easy for anyone to use and they also have tons of filters, media, and audio clips you can use as well. If you want to get serious about your video marketing efforts, you need a tool like Filmora to help you out. Even if you’ve got video editing experience, this tool will make it easier (and therefore quicker) for you to create quality content that you can use at your website and on your social platforms.

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