How to effectively search for, and select, existing Google Chrome tabs from the keyboard?

Open up some tabs on various sites.
Open up a New Tab, and start typing a fragment of the URL in one of the other sites.

See something like this:


Note the red arrow to the Switch to this tab button I need to press, specifically from the keyboard, not using the mouse. When I reach for the mouse, my browser-use-productivity degrades.

How do I do that? says I can Right-Arrow then press Return, but that is not what I want:

Is there some global shortcut that, when I type it, it will progressively narrow the list of open tabs I have based upon keywords typed in, very similar to what Google search does when you start typing into the search field? Note: I do not want to duplicate an existing tab: I want to switch quickly to one I already know is in an existing browser tab, without having to do a brute-force search through all of them.

Right now, if I press the Return key on that line, it essentially sort-of duplicates what I had typed in before which is typically a search phrase that would launch my default search engine.

The online help for this at does not mention this Switch to this tab button.

I’m open to installing Chrome Extensions to address this, but that would be a “software recommendation”. And besides, this probably should be built-into the Google Chrome base product.