How to export an output in a special cell in an excel file?

My general question is: How can I put each of my outputs (a number) in a special cell of a given sheet of an excel file? for example I have built an excel file (say results.xlsx) and I want to fill it by my outputs (say out(i)s). For example I want to put out(1) in B5 cell of first sheet of results.xls, out(2) in C10 cell of second sheet of results.xls and etc. How can this be done?

We can simplify the above problem: suppose I have built a table (say outs) using my outputs and export it as an excel file () as follows

out(1) = 1;
out(2) = 2;
out(3) = 3;
out(4) = 4;

outs1=Table(out(i), {i, 1, 4});
Export("results.xlsx", outs1, "Data")

this command gives me an excel file which has a row including values of out1.

I run another .nb file and do the same namely I build another table (outs2) as follows

out(5) = 5;
out(6) = 6;
out(7) = 7;
out(8) = 8;

outs2=Table(out(i), {i, 5, 8});

Now I want to put outs2 as second row of results.xlsx file. How?