How to FIND my comment on Youtube?

On the web interface:

  1. Click your user icon in the top right.
  2. Select Your Data in YouTube (it’s below Settings).
  3. Under the Your YouTube Dashboard section click More to expand. (You can view (but not search) your comments here.)
  4. Click Download YouTube Data then follow the Google Takeout instructions, but:
  5. Click the All YouTube Data Included button and deselect everything except my-comments (or at least deselect videos and music).

Once the download is ready (you’ll receive an email):

  1. Download and open the ZIP file.
  2. In one of the folders there’s a file my-comments.html, extract it or open it in a web browser.
  3. Use the web browser’s “find on page” feature to search for specific comments. will take you directly to step 4. will show you Takeout downloads if you need to access it not through the email. will take you straight to your comment history; if your comment is recent you might be able to find it quickly on this page instead of having to download and search the entire history.