How to force Google Sheets desktop view on user’s mobile browser?

Google Sheets for mobile browser loads view-only vs desktop browser loads editable. How can I force the desktop version on my users’ mobile browsers so they can edit a live spreadsheet.

I am preferably looking for a website that my users can access on desktop/mobile browsers without having them try “Request Desktop Site” or configure/install anything (Google Sheets would be the only thing in the website).

What I tried:

  1. Playing around with URL parameters (override mobile, fd) but Google ignores these now.
  2. Using iFrame adjusting size but I believe Google is using user agent cause mobile browser redirects the URL from /edit to /htmlview
  3. Researching if I could use a proxy to intercept the traffic and modify the user agent in HTTP header but from what I understand, if it’s through SSL then the header request is encrypted.