How to keep Virtualbox working on Ubuntu 20.04 after kernel update?

So, after the recent kernel update to kernel 5.8, my Virtualbox installation broke. It couldn’t run any VMs and gave me an error message when I tried. When that happened, I didn’t know about this site (I was, and still am, a GNU/Linux novice), and so didn’t ask a question about this here. I didn’t know what to do even after researching on the internet, so I went and reversed the update (I currently use 5.7.17-generic). So, my question is:

How can I keep Virtualbox working after a kernel update? Or, if that is not possible, what steps can I take after a kernel update to get it to work again?

Note: When answering, please keep in mind that I have the version of Virtualbox from the Ubuntu 20.04 repos installed and that I would like to be able to keep Virtualbox working after a kernel update without a reinstall (but I am willing to if I must).

If you need anything, just ask.

Thanking you in advance.