How to left-align multiline msg in Alert(.. message: Text)?

I would like to left-aligned the message in Alert:

Alert(title: Text, message: Text? = nil, dismissButton: Alert.Button? = nil)

However, since message is type Text?, the following didn’t work due to it is type of some View:

  • Text(xx).multilineAlignment(.leading)
  • Text(xx).frame(alignment: .leading)
  • VStack(alignment: .leading) {...}

Compiler doesn’t like above.

  • if I add " Text(xx).frame(alignment: .leading) as? Text", it
    compiles, but msg become nil
  • if I add " Text(xx).frame(alignment: .leading) as! Text", it compiles, but crash in runtime

Any Idea how I can left-aligned Alert message?

Thank you very much in advance