HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF PEE – More ways to earn money

Peeing is another word for urinating. It is a composition of salt water and chemicals called urea, which are excreted as liquid waste from the human body. pee is normal in humans it has passed when you feel like it is missing, it is a natural call that arises in a natural way and you can not control it

Violent peeing is not required unless there is a medical emergency. Under normal circumstances, urination does not have to be enforced. The body tells a person naturally when to pee. In a medical exam, a person must urinate violently for problems such as prostate problems, bladder infections, diabetes, etc. require a urine sample. There are times when a person can not be prepared in advance for sampling. The following are therefore techniques and tricks listed, with which, if necessary, the urination can be initiated.

1. Put your hands under running waterr: If you need to pee, just go to the bathroom and put your hands under cold running water for a few minutes. Keep your mind cool and calm in a few minutes. You will feel like you need to pee urgently.

Second Bend forward: Take a relaxed position and bend forward in a few seconds. You'll find that you want to pee when you bend over to stimulate the bladder.

Third Take a walk: Induce some physical activity to stimulate the bladder. If you walk around for a few minutes, you will pee.

4th Let the water run: Run water in a bucket and sit. Relax and focus on the sound. Soon you will feel like you need to pee urgently.

5th Rinse your perineum: It's the best way to learn how to pee yourself, sit on a toilet seat and use a spray bottle to rinse the fleshy area between your genitals. By rinsing the anus, you can feel the bubble stimulating and stimulating the pee.

6th Sniff peppermint oil: the smell of peppermint can trigger the urge to pee to give a few drops Put peppermint oil on a cotton ball and bring it to the bathroom to smell it. Peppermint oil makes you pee urgently, and therefore It is known as the best way to learn how to pee.

7th Try Valsalva maneuvers: It's the most tried-and-true method of trying to make yourself pee by pressing down as though trying to control the bowel movement Pressing on the lower abdomen will help more quickly, but do not apply pressure directly to the bladder as the urine can support the kidneys and lead to infections.

One can avoid the state of violent peeing To maintain the health of your internal organs, drink plenty of water every day and drink more liquid drinks than alcohol Avoid eating fried foods and junk food.

The most important tip to urinate on command is to relax and comfortable enough to pee vigorously However, if you still have difficulty using the above techniques to pee yourself, it is a warning to see your doctor immediately.