How to partition a graph with optimal number of groups?

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I have a graph with $N=12$ nodes. Some node may not have any edge between them. every edge has a weight. How to find the optimal partitioning of the graph so that total weight in the system is maximised.

Let the weight matrix is given by $W$ of size $Ntimes N$. The diagonal elements of $W$ are ones, therefore, if there is no edge between two nodes, the corresponding element in $W$ is 1..

Each partition can have maximum 3 nodes and minimum 1 node. I want to find to optimal number of partitions, and the nodes belonging to each partition.

The x and y coordinates of the nodes are give as

 xcord={154.780094065851,   302.747331652902,   348.235746943268,   959.228504576796,   1021.26721027296,   1114.13365936238,   358.208241883160,   181.741156296042,   838.759299985938,   906.502702816486,   662.579285251179,   536.372745335719};

 ycord={347.543166449207,   461.536311618993,   261.753095520236,   431.778284592051,   250.920713280060,   432.113192132818,   1044.66583584371,   1044.70069210915,   1135.19457237168,   984.121301679063,   792.153882418914,   708.946190878097};

Also, these are the edges connecting the nodes.


Let the weights are uniformly distributed as

ew = Round[ RandomReal[1, Length@Edges], .01];

I want to find the partitions that gives the maximum total weights sum.

If there is only one node in a portion, its weight sum is one.

If there are two nodes in a partition, then the weight some is 1+1+weight between the nodes.

If there are three nodes in a partition, then the weight some is 1+1+1+weights among the nodes.