How to pre-enter a user input() in Python?

I am interacting with a 3rd party program that will request 2 user inputs to start running a process. I know what they are going to be and want to preempt them, so that I don’t need to enter them every single time.

predict_user_input_1 = 'variable1...'
predict_user_input_2 = 'variable2...'
3rdParty.start()        #this will ask for 2 user inputs

Seeing as I don’t have access to this process is there any way that I can queue up data for input() so that I don’t need to type it out?

Another way to view this question would be if I had code:

var1 = 'var....'
var2 = 'othervar.....'



def examplefunc:
   ex1 = input()
   ex2 = input()

Is there anything that will let would allow you to queue input() inside the function from outside the function.