How to programmatically Evaluate Notebook (all cells in an open notebook) rather than from Evaluation menu?

I am working on a DockedCells toolbar for common tasks like Save, ClearAll, scrolling, etc., etc. My next addition to that toolbar is creating a button that executes Evaluation -> Evaluate Notebook. I only need the function to work. I already know how to insert that into a button.

When I type NotebookEvaluate(EvaluationNotebook(), InsertResults -> True)directly into a cell and doing a Shift-Enter nothing visual happens other than showing (Running...) for an extended period of time at the top window frame of the notebook. I am not sure what is supposed to happen here so I did an Abort Evaluation as too much time has passed. It should only take 1 second for this particular notebook.

Why isn’t this behaving like doing Evaluation -> Evaluate Notebook from the menu?