How to Purchase Additional Drive Storage with Legacy GSuite

Our business uses a Legacy Free Addition of G Suite. We purchased additional storage in Google Drive for one of our users. We now want to purchase addition storage for a second user. However, we are unable to do so using the same exact credit card. We receive the following error which links to this page which offers nothing that has not already been attempted:

“Your transaction cannot be completed. Learn More.”

enter image description here

The card is correctly/identically entered. There is no issue at the bank. Within Super Admin, all of the necessary features are enabled (Individual Storage, Google Play/Payments, etc.).

Again, we just purchased for one user in the organization. We now want to purchase for a second user with the same payment method, but cannot do so. We have also tried 2 other credit cards, both of which are valid, working credit cards.

I discovered one other post about this, but in my case, we can further verify that 1) that we in fact did pay for storage for another user and 2) the same card will not work nor will other cards.

How do we purchase additional storage in Google Drive for this second user in our organization?

Thank you,