How to quickly edit a contact from Gmail?

The recommended way to edit a contact is to open the Contacts app, find a contact and edit it. This not very handy when I’m reading or writing an e-mail and I want to precise the contact details. Before the separation of Gmail and Contacts (or perhaps same time after as well), I could hover the mouse pointer over sender’s mail address and I was offered to add/edit the contact. Now I can only view the details in a sidebar, but I didn’t find any option to edit it there.

So, in the current version of Gmail, how can I edit a contact without

  1. opening Contacts
  2. searching for the contact
  3. opening the details
  4. clicking “edit”?

I use Gmail mostly in the browser (on a PC) and sometimes in the Android app. I found how to simplify it in Canary, but I don’t consider it a solution.