How to reinstall MacOS El Capitan via USB-Stick on a 2010 MacBook Pro

I have a 2018 MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina and a 2010 MacBook Pro where I wiped all including the OS.

I am now trying to reinstall macOS on this old MacBook Pro. However I encountered some problems:
Installing via Internet did not work, therefore I am trying to create a Bootable installer on an USB-Stick
This is my source: Apple Guide

I first tried to use macOS El Capitan. However every time I try to unpack the file on my 2018 MacBook Pro I get the following error:

This version of OSX 10.11 cannot be installed on this computer.

Next I tried to download macOS High Sierra, however this is only downloadable via AppStore and always redirects me to Catalina, the current macOS Version.

Does anyone have an idea how to create a Bootable installer on an USB-Stick to reinstall macOS on an MacBook Pro 2010 using an MacBook Pro 2018?

Thanks a lot for your help!