How to repair boot info from Kali Linux to get Windows 10 booting again?

I have a laptop in which Windows 10 war pre-installed. I made a USB stick boot of Kali Linux and tried installing it on a partition of my disk. During the process of “Installing Base System” the battery died out.

I put it on charge and when restarted it, it said “No bootable device found– please restart the system”. I plugged in the Kali Linux USB and tried to boot from it, it recognized the device and I went with the Graphical Installation process, but when it came to partition disk option I couldn’t see no partitioned disk but just the main hard disk whose “FREE SPACE” was written over there (and the whole disk was empty, what happened to my files?). I had no other option then to install it there only.

After Kali got installed completely, I open up File System and could see these files

enter image description here

Is there any way that I can get my files and Windows 10 back? I want dual boot of Windows 10 and Kali Linux. I need step by step guidance.