How to setup a microphone input device in headless debian Linux for Chrome Remote Desktop

I am working from home now, because of the Pandemic. I have a Debian Linux 10 headless server in remote office, and I have to connect to it using my Chrome Remote Desktop. Now, I have setup pulseaudio for output successfully, and I can listen to music and watch video through the Chrome Remote Desktop.

But, the issue now is that I need to use a browser to chat with others, which needs a speaker and microphone. I have speaker setup correctly, but how can I get the microphone set up?

Here is the process about my Chrome Remote Desktop in the server:

infosrv+ 1352 705 0 17:56 ? 00:00:02 /opt/google/chrome-remote-desktop/chrome-remote-desktop-host –host-config=- –audio-pipe-name=/home/infosrv2020_new/.config/chrome-remote-desktop/pulseaudio#7123a699d7/fifo_output –server-supports-exact-resize –ssh-auth-sockname=/tmp/chromoting.infosrv2020_new.ssh_auth_sock –signal-parent

I set this on for pulseaudio:

load-module module-pipe-sink sink_name=chrome_remote_desktop_session file=”/home/infosrv2020_new/.config/chrome-remote-desktop/pulseaudio#7123a699d7/fifo_output” rate=48000 channels=2 format=s16le

So, I can see the output device on volume Control, which is: Unix FIFO Sink /home/infosrv2020_new/.config/chrome-remote-desktop/pulseaudio#7123a699d7/fifo_output

And I can see the input device is: Monitor of Unix FIFO Sink /home/infosrv2020_new/.config/chrome-remote-desktop/pulseaudio#7123a699d7/fifo_output

But, the input device doesn’t work, it seems it is just a copy of the output device. When I play music, it is showing the same volume as the output.

How can I make the input work? the input device should work through Chrome Remote Desktop, just like the output device.