How to start programming

I made my first script on a Spectrum when I was 6 years old in Q Basic, it was very simple, it played a sequence of sounds and drown some geometrical shapes. Then my next experience was when I worked in a factory with a robot wood cutter. I make the plans in AutoCad then input it so that the machine can cut the wood, it was more like introducing coordinates so the robot may follow the path of the final piece plan.

Must admit that is stole a lot of code in my designer carrer and use premade scripts to use in my work, I have basic knowledge thanx to udemy and but lack the experience and practice to be more productive, or at least know what the programmer with which I work is doing.

It is a big problem to offer web development services when you don’t know what is going on and then the fact that if you take a job of development and programing have stick up for the programmer that did the job, and that is very dangerous, may loose a client or even affect your reputation and turn out really bad for you

So, please can you give an advice an tell me where to begin with, I know that programing is like talking a foreign language, you speak with the machine so that it outputs what you want it to do. Have followed some tutorial on youtube too, purchased some tutorials but they are either very hard to follow and understand or very easy. I guess that the starting point in programming is JavaScript or another easy language.

Thanks and have a nice day