How to stop screen capturing on recordmydesktop on kali linux 2020?

sir/mam, i know it is the question of a noob on this platform of cybersecurity experts but I did not found my answer on google so i am asking here.
i was , first time , tried recoredmydesktop yesterday.i set all those commands required and started capturing. i set Alt + P to (un)pause video recording and Alt + S to stop the recording. I pressed enter key and capturing started. After sometime , i decided to stop the recording but it said , ” same key pressed/used”. I don’t know exactly what it said in shell but was something like that, i have mentioned. I got nervousness about my privacy. I shutdown my kali , quickly. then again, started. same terminal/shell opened automatically. i went to recordmydesktop shell but did’nt found any previous thing there , but a new fresh shell opened. but cautiously , i re-shutdown my kali and shut down my computer. And , today I opened my kali , same thing happened again automatically.all my opened applications at the time of shutdown , re-opened automatically i.e. abnormal. So, please answer, what to do now ? was my recording stopped when i shutdown kali and computer ? but i did’nt found any file there in directories, of screen recording. OR my screen recording is still on the way ? thank you.