How to use Function to Create Multiple dashboard widgets

I am trying to make a plugin that allows a user to add custom dashboard widgets that feature individual feeds. I am using Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Type UI plugins.

$feed_name = get_field('news_feed_name', 1161);
$feed_url = get_field('news_feed', 1161); 

These two variables above are pulling from custom posts types called feeds that is made from ACF. I feel like I am missing a big step/concept here. This code works to make one widget (post id=1161) and I had to manually put that number there. What is the best way to make this create as many widgets as the user wants? And how can these be made by a user simply creating the post? Here is full code:

/** START The News Feed Dashboard Widget */

add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'feed_dashboard_add_widgets' );
function feed_dashboard_add_widgets() {
   $feed_name = get_field('news_feed_name', 1161);
    wp_add_dashboard_widget( 'dw_dashboard_widget_feed', __( $feed_name, 'dw' ), 'dw_dashboard_widget_feed_handler' );

function dw_dashboard_widget_feed_handler() {
  $feed_url = get_field('news_feed', 1161);  
  $feeds = array(
            'url'          => $feed_url,
            'items'        =>15,
            'show_summary' => 1,
            'show_author'  => 0,
            'show_date'    => 1,



    ob_start(); // start output buffering
    wp_dashboard_primary_output( 'dw_dashboard_widget_feed', $feeds );
    $buffer = ob_get_clean(); // get the buffer without printing the content

    // add the target attribute to the a-tag:
    $result = str_replace("<a class='rsswidget'",
                          "<a class='rsswidget' target='_blank'", $buffer);
    echo $result;

/** END The News Feed Dashboard Widget */