html – 3d support in Markdown?

I’ve been doing some research on markdown and to me it seems to be the ideal note taking system. So far it supports

  • handwriting (in the form of an image)
  • giffs
  • video
  • all the advantages of HTML

but I really need 3d support. Reading around, 3D support for HTML seems to be here. But I did not find anything in relation to embedding 3D in markdown
Reading this blog article, the writer found a solution on this forum. it seems to be possible , he used a package called RGL, but am really confused on its uses. Does RGL support Markdown too or just html?

Am new to this, so any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

I should mention, I will be creating the model in my 3d package. I am just looking for a solution like this, that will convert it to a format HTMLMarkdown can read. Thank you