(Dont buy before you read terms)

they sale domains for full price, and they lease them.
So yes, it was a lease, and you will only get (assumed) refund
if you pay full price for the domain, which does not make sense…
so why not refund the leased amount within 30 days also?

I am just telling you how it is, so if you want to defend corporate
america, then that is fine by me; all I am saying is trademark info
should be on every page, why hide it on a page no one really reads?

Trademark infringement is a big deal dude, so why bury this very
important info that should in fact be listed on every domain/page?
oh wait, there is no refunds on leased domains, so if it takes you
six months to realize there maybe a trademark infringement, then
you will lose your entire domain invest since the domain may
be of no value if you are in the same niche…..

that is exactly why they do not issue refunds on leased domains,
they are clearly betting you have not read the terms that no one
really reads to begin with; mo money for them…

It should be fair across the board…If they offer 30 day refund
for full price domains, then they should offer 30 day refund for leased domains….

1: they should offer 30 day refund for full pay and leased domains.
2: they should post a trademark infringement warning on all domain/pages.

I wonder how many people actually lease a domain, then realize later the
name is already trademarked, then they cant get a refund; I would
certainly bet more then you think, and do I think it is misleading by
not making this infringement warning so people can easily see it…

Yes I do…

Huge domains could save people time, and prevent a lot of backtracking
if they just post a warning at the top of each domain/page. Would this
have saved me time? It certainly would have, I would not have leased
the domain, and continued to look for something that would work….

(it is not about saving me time; they could care less if I lost time, and
have to do backtracking now, as it is more about money ie: no refund…)

It does not matter if you agree with me or not; all I am saying is, if you
plan to buy or even lease a domain from them or any domain provider…
(now you know…)

I certainly would have been grateful if I had a pre-warning about them….

This is nothing more then a sneaky play, so they get $100 here,
$100 there or more from unsuspecting buyers, so they may figure it
out in the first 30 days, or they wont, either way, no refund…
(this is the type of play that dirt bags make…)

so I must be over-reacting, sure, that must be it…

and where did I say they did not? It is not very responsible of putting
trademark info in terms that most never read, So why not list this
information clear enough that every potential buyer can see? and the
only way to do this is list it on every domain/page that is forsale or lease…

The only reason to hide this info on a single area of your entire site
is on a page that no one reads, and for them to make more money…