I am personally a Boyfriends Stealer! | Forum Promotion

I had a lady bartender flirt with me. Not necessarily with the drink, but hey I noticed it. ;] I wish I had another day to up my game on that. I didn’t have a phone, just a camera.

But I don’t know why @Naiwen feels bothered by having too many interested suitors. If I was a woman, and I had that many interested suitors, I’d be chatting them up. Not caring about the women who feel threatened. 😕

C’mon now… you mean to tell me not even the bartender is interesting or have feelings for?

Chica, at least ONE person you have intended to date is single, and looking. Go. Nobody’s judging you. I mean, outside of having them cheat, with you. I mean, at least one person is interested and single. The bartender sounds single.

What’s the matta?