I cant see my retweets in mine/others Timeline

hey everyone,
so lets say I just posted a picture after 4-6 hours I usually retweet the tweet so all of my followers have the opportunity to see it (because usually tweets tend to get buried)
so since last week or so this issue started… I retweet and it only shows on my profile but not in my or others timeline!
I really dont have a spammy profile .. I usually post status updates though out the week and on weekends usually one picture that I retweet 2-3 times
is this some sort of shadow ban? I dont get it! (on the twitter support page they wrote they dont do bans)

and the really weird part is that.. if I would retweet an older picture it retweets without any issues on my TL … only the recent pic doesn’t show up after a retweet… and im really frustrated..

and I think twitter support is no help since I already asked them about my other problem why I dont see fleets (it only appears once when I reinstall my app and then disappears again) but haven’t received anything back from them so I figured it wouldn’t matter if I write them again…

so many bugs.. and I feel like its only effecting me… I couldn’t find anything similar online :(

I would really appreciate if someone can help me!

oh and also I use twitter for iphone, web and also recently the mac app