I have deleted all the Azure AKS Kubernetes Nodes, how to restore back the Cluster to it’s original state?

I am new to the Azure AKS Cluster world, and while messing with a test cluster i have deleted all its Nodes with kubectl delete node xxxx, thinking that the cluster will heal itself. Boy, was i wrong.

Now, let me explain the issue, so, when i run kubectl get nodes, i get No resources found.
In the “Node Pools” in the portal, i can see that there are 3 Nodes,
i have scaled the Pool up and down, but in kubectl shows no nodes – No resources found.
When i run kubectl get pods, all the pods are shown in pending state.

Extra Info:

  • The AKS Cluster was created manually, no ARM template or script was saved.
  • The AKS Cluster is using Availability Set (not Scale Set) for the Pool, so i can not add new
    Pool, and move the Pods there.

My question(s) to you is:

  1. How to get the Nodes to be shown in kubectl again? (The Pool has 3 Nodes there sitting)
  2. Can i somehow restore the Cluster to be working again? Move the Pods somehow, somewhere?
  3. What would you do in this case?


  • after some time showing “No Resources found” when i ran “kubectl get nodes”, now 2 nodes came back online, but one is still missing. The Pool has count of 3. The 2 Nodes which are shown are in Ready State. But all the Pods are still in Pending state. No errors in Events.

New Question:

  • Is there a way to start populating the 2 Ready Nodes with the Pending Pods?

Thanks again folks.