I lost my wallet, can someone just help me with my investigation?

Im from Argentina, living in Spain, so im sorry for me english.
I will try to explain:
Back in 2013, i had a butterfly equipment…i bought one to resell in Argentina, and i did mining like few months, and i remember using a “pool” to do that.
I sold machine, forgot totally about btc, i even change my laptop many times….

2021: Im desperated for this covid problem, im inmigrant in foreign country and is really hard. So i tried to remember things…to search in my email…in my google activity…etc…etc
I found out the pool, was Bitminter, i realized was like not working, but i wrote to support and they answered to me right away, cause my hotmail adress was no longer valid !!
So they kindly attached my google account, and i logged in!
I saw just cents of btc….and i realize i had the option “pay out auto”, and i can see the transactions made to my “wallet”….but i HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WALLET I USE….even what pc i was using …. i change pc all time… is so frustrating.

enter image description here

some kind soul with any idea? thanks a lot !!!