I will do 50 KGR Keyword Research for your niche for $5

I will do 50 KGR Keyword Research for your niche

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KGR or Keyword Golden Ratio is a mathematical coefficient that can help you identify low competition keywords for fast rank on Google.

KGR is just a method through which a site can easily rank on google. It is an advanced SEO strategy that works really well.

If you find a Keyword Golden Ratio phrase and you publish a piece of content targeting the keyword, your article should rank in the top 50 within a few days – sometimes hours.

How is KGR calculated?
allintitle results / search volume = KGR Ratio 0.25 or <0.25

????? Application of KGR method;-

✅ If the ratio is less than or equal to 0.25, your website/blog can easily rank.

✅ If the ratio is between 0.25 to 1, then the competition is a little high.

✅ If the ratio is more than 1, then the competition can say it is much higher.

????? What will you get?

✔️ Long-Tail KWs

✔️ <0.25 KGR KWs

✔️ KWs with a search volume of 50-250.

✔️ Allintitle results

✔️ Blog type or affiliate

✔️ Low Competitive Easy Ranking KWs

✔️ Competitor analysis(Backlinks/Content/Top KWs/Traffic)

✔️ Competitor Weak Zone Finding

✔️ Tag/Meta tag ideas

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