I will do extensive & profitable keyword research and competitor analysis.


Websites are built on keywords. You can’t grow your business or website without solid keyword research, right?

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This is what you will get for each keyword research:

Average Monthly Searches For Each Phrase

Hand-Picked Keywords

How easy it is to rank for

CPC (cost per click) if you were to pay for Google Ads

Top 10 Competitor Analysis

Competitors keyword

What you will get in 5$:-

  1. 50+ profitable keywords
  2. 2 competitors analysis
  3. Competitors ranking keywords —GIFT

What you will get in 10$:-

  1. 100+ profitable keywords
  2. 5 competitors analysis
  3. GIFT

What you will get in 20$:-…

  1. 200+ profitable keywords.
  2. 10 competitor analysis
  3. GIFT

What makes me special?

A detailed color PDF containing the search terms and competition data in easy to understand format.

Your Satisfaction is my top priority!

Exceptional service.

Delivery in less than 24 hours

If you are not sure what words to use:

  • I will provide you with suggestions regarding your business.

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