I will translate english to bengali language for $2

I will translate english to bengali language

Translate English To Bangla Or Vice Versa

I’m a native Bengali / Bangla speaker from Bangladesh.

I will translate words from English to Bengali / Bangla or Vice Versa. And Quality is my first priority.

I’ll translate manually. And I can deliver in different file format.
Why do you hire Me?

  • Native Bengali/Bangla speaker
  • I will Translate the script meaningfully not word by word translation
  • I will also Proofread The Text
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Have a team for long project/ urgent work
  • 2 years Experience

So, if you are in need of English to Bengali / Bangla Translation or Bangla / Bengali to English Translation, You are in the right place.
I translate:

  • Technical documents like HTML,XML etc File
  • Legal Docs
  • Apps
  • Books
  • Games
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Any type/Format of Bangla Language file
  • Audio/Video files
  • Subtitle